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Where it begins

Great wine is made
in the vineyard


The Vineyards


At Querceto, we wholeheartedly believe great wine is made in the vineyard. It’s the reason we restructured our vineyards back in 1997 based on a study of the grape varieties on the estate to determine those best able to express our terroir. It’s also why we use organic techniques for managing the vines.

Our 28 acres of vines are broken out into 6 separate vineyard areas - Belvedere, Poggio, Campocorto, Campolungo, La Fonte and Livia. Each year our selection starts from a single source, taking only the best grapes from each plot to the cellar.

Sangiovese covers approximately 80% of the planted area, Merlot makes up the majority of the remaining planted area with Viognier and Roussanne vines taking up a small separate parcel (2,000 vines in total).


Sangiovese & Merlot

Vineyard Belvedere

Belvedere is the principal vineyard of the estate and was planted in 2003. Measuring approximately 16.5 acres, the vineyard has a high density of 16,500 vines per acre of land. It's within this single vineyard area where we pick the selection of Sangiovese and Merlot to produce our Sei Chianti Classico Gran Selezione.



Sangiovese & Merlot

Vineyards Poggio, Campocorto, Campolungo, La Fonte

The staggered planting of these 4 vineyards began in 1997 with Il Poggio with approximately 3.2 acres of Sangiovese. Then came the first part of Campolungo in 1999, the remaining in 2001. La Fonte and Campocorto were both planted in 2001 and are the smaller vineyard areas on the estate with La Fonte at 1.5 acres and Campocorto measuring .5 acres.

These vineyards are blessed with medium-textured, rocky soil with limestone marl and rich in minerals, which come through in each of our wines.



Viognier & Roussanne

Vineyard Livia

Our Livia white wine vineyard is unique and was a bit of an experiment for Querceto di Castellina when it was planted in 2008. Inspired by the white wines of the Rhone Valley, Jacopo decided to plant this ½ acre vineyard area with 2,000 vines evenly split between Viognier and Roussanne.

With a high vine density and small distances between each row, we work this vineyard solely by hand. The first vinification of our Livia IGT Bianco was in 2010 with a 50/50 blend of Viognier and Roussanne and the wine now has a strong cult following selling out quickly each new vintage.


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