The Evolution of Querceto


“To sustain longevity, you have to evolve.” – Aries Spears

2018 is a significant year for us at Querceto di Castellina. It marks the 20th anniversary of the beginning of our journey into the beautiful, sometimes temperamental and dynamic world of wine. 

This milestone gave us an opportunity to think critically about our past, present and the future. We ultimately decided it was the right time to evolve the Querceto di Castellina brand to better reflect who we are today and where we’d like to take the winery in the years to come.

Our New “Look" 

 We’ve always believed “less is more” and find elegance in simplicity. We embraced these two concepts with the redesign of our logo and the new designs for our wine labels.

 The Wine Labels

Inspired by the art world and the abstract, we’ve taken the original graphics from each of our wine labels and deconstructed them in a way to catch the eye.

Lending to the impact, the fragmented pieces are featured as if they are artwork on display. 

For those not familiar with the rationale behind the graphics on our labels, each illustration does have a story.

L’aura Chianti Classico DOCG
The label showcases a small plate that was delicately hand-painted by a family member in 1930.

Sei Chianti Classico DOCG Gran Selezione
Our Sei features the imprint of a single Sangiovese leaf that was taken from our vineyard Belvedere.

Podalirio IGT Toscana
Named after the Podalirio species of butterfly, the label for our Merlot highlights this striking creature that we see often around the estate.

In addition to featuring the new labels the new vintages of the wines - L'aura 2016, Sei 2015 and Podalirio 2015 - are tasting beautifully, in particular the Sei and Podalirio. 2015 was a phenomenal year here in Tuscany and the wines truly reflect the optimal growing conditions of this standout vintage.

All three wines are available for purchase via our online wine shop or you can send an email to wineorders@querceto.com to place a wine order.






Summer Vineyard Dinner Series


New Wine Review & Rating

94pts for our Sei 2015


New Wine Release

Introducing Venti



20th Anniversary


Reviews & Ratings

L'aura 2015 91 points
& Sei 2013 93 points




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